To the attention of
the readers / researchers:

The information contained in the reports can only be treated as source material in regard to the activities of the secret services. The data they contain about the artistic scene of the era are to a great extent wrong or incorrect, therefore they should not under any circumstances be used as reference in any scientific research unless confirmed by data found in reliable sources.

Documents about the Avant-garde art events in the period from the seventies to the change in the political system can be most comprehensively researched in the archives of the Artpool Art Research Center.

György Galántai: I decided to publish the material contained in the dossier codenamed “Painter” because my entire life’s work can only be understood if the environment in which it was built is known. It was a world where through the practice of cultural security the secret police sought to control the general atmosphere, thinking and personal norms as well as the circumstances of acceptable social activity.

I can assertively say that the greatest loss suffered by Hungarian art was not the confiscation of large amounts of mail but the destruction of normal human relationships, which was achieved by the network through consistently (for decades) applying the method of disruption, disinformation and signalisation.

What can be done after all this? (according to the post-neo-Avant-garde approach of Miklós Erdély: “One must acknowledge one’s own competence with regards to one’s life and fate, and keep to it above all else. […] Whatever one can accomplish with the limited tools at one’s disposal one must do without delay.”) [rehabilitation]