March 6, 1968

In essence, everything can be turned into art...

September, 1968

To my mind, the problems of life and art go hand in hand; for me art is a means of expression which can help solve the problems of mankind.

January 11, 1971

You can make a steel ring out of wood. But why would you?
The laws inherent in a material work to our advantage if we do with it what it most wants.

The realization [of a project] depends on two factors: material and man. Optimally, it is the quality and compatibility of the factors that determines real quality at the different levels. In cases I, II, and III the result is not real art, but pseudo-art, or a fad.
A lower quality can also have permanence, but “lower quality” means “something that addresses fewer problems”. Though the concept “good” can apply here, too.
I think that an outstanding work of art can be measured on this 45 degree line.
Mistakes are possible; the IV coordinates might indicate this.


Emotion can be put to use along the lines of musical and poetic parallels and methods, but mainly musical.
To see how this can be done, we must try different methods, and create different situations. We must live through the most important negative and positive experiences. We must accumulate a great deal of knowledge. We must have been to Hell and back if we want to find a solution which is specifically our own. A solution which lies latent in all things, but is possible only within our (my) own particular coordinates.
We must create real values in ourselves and in our objects.

February, 1974

Everything is there, we need only notice it.
Reality has an order, but reality always deviates from it.

(a könyvben sincs!!)
A műalkotás az érzéki megismerés céljából létrehozott objektum, eszerint minden objektumot, amely a jelenségeket az ember számára érzékelhetővé teszi műalkotásnak kell elfogadnunk.

September 20, 1976

The future's got lost in the new-looking versions of the past.

November 1, 1977

I don't have to worry about what is new and what is not; I'm free to use all the known methods, as well as the ones I believe I've invented, for it is the multifariousness of it all that makes it all unique.

November, 1977

Art is a matter of substance, not of form.

A work of art occupies a position of distinction in the sphere of meaning, then disappears in the morass of definition.


I have to concern myself with things that aren't but could be, and will not be in the foreseeable future.

January 2, 1979

A new art form usually comes into being when it discovers a new principle of ordering capable of rearranging what we already know; it will assimilate the inventions of the past, though some it will do away with.

January 3, 1979

(Artistic time)
Projecting time into space.
A work of art is but the “disappearance” of infinite time in finite space,
or the transformation of infinite time into finite space,
or the relationship of finite space to infinite time.

January 8, 1979

All things considered to be a work of art which contain information other than that which is vital to survival are superfluous and are doomed. If one still clings to them, he will, as a matter of course, perish with them.

February 18, 1979


Interim action (Inter-art)
-the space between occupied spaces
-the research between the researched
-the knowledge between the known
-the art between the arts




At the beginning of the twentieth century, new art became a program of total destruction. Later on, only building programs had a claim to legitimacy. Today, we live in an age of constant rebuilding. Regions expand, then split up, regroup, connect, cease to exist, etc.

Movement is oriented toward the development of a higher, comprehensive function. Nothing is excluded, everything is possible, and everything exist alongside everything else. Microelectronics and handicrafts, film and the fine art, commercial art and the avant-garde, etc. Without schizophrenia. The old and the new mutually influence one another. Art forms are not isolated: they are present in, and modify one another. Essential changes: the collectivization of art, and its reflection in individual creations; the amazing technology; and the new art forms.

January 16, 1991

Art is not the performance of actions, but the act itself.